Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


Duffy Construction prides itself on being at the forefront of the construction industry and so we see renewable energy as having a major role to play over the next few years. With this in Mind we have placed an emphasis on renewable energy.

Wind Turbine:

A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electric current. Wind electricity is green, renewable energy and does not release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants.


Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It is a renewable energy source, like solar and wind energy. Furthermore, biogas can be produced from regionally available raw materials such as recycled waste and is environmentally friendly. Biogas can be compressed, the same way natural gas is compressed to CNG, and used to power motor vehicles.

In planning your biogas plant we take all the parameters of your operation into account, together with your individual wishes. If no existing modular or mobile biogas system matches your requirements a custom solution can be developed.